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Chromium version upgrade

Hello, My company has also encountered the GDI leak which was discussed here. After several 100s of page navigations the GDI handle count reaches 10,000 and the app freezes.

My understanding is that this is a chromium bug which was resolved in recent versions. Can you please confirm this, and let us know when are you planning to upgrade Awesomium?

Without solving this we will not be able to use Awesomium.

Thanks, Tomer

asked Sep 17 '13 at 01:55 PM tomers1984 gravatar image tomers1984 75
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We're currently working on the next branch of Awesomium (with updated dependencies) that should resolve some of these issues. Experimental build expected later this year.

answered Sep 17 '13 at 08:26 PM adam gravatar image Adam Simmons ♦♦ 252
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daveaton gravatar image daveaton Sep 17 '13 at 09:18 PM

Sweet.. When do you think this critical bug can be fixed? I am working on a work around (hack) that fixes the issue (cough), but it's a lot of work just to to revert back once you have it fixed. What time frame are we talking about? 1 month or 3 months or more?

The hack is to separate the webcore into it's own .exe and start it as a process.. when it's close to the limit, kill and restart the process. Ugly but it works.

This is the only way to shut down the webcore and reset the GDI Limit.

tomers1984 gravatar image tomers1984 Sep 18 '13 at 09:36 AM

Adam, please understand that this issue is critical, not only to me, but to many other Awesomium users. The GDI limit is reached easily when navigating to enough pages, and does not happen only on complex javascript sites.

On the other thread you said something about process wrapper around WebCore. Can you please elaborate? I don't understand what that means. Also if you release a version with just the Chromium upgrade it will be great. We need some solution for this issue.

Awesomium is a great product, but this issue may force us to abandon it, as we can't let the application freeze from time to time.

Thanks, Tomer

Martin gravatar image Martin Sep 25 '13 at 10:18 PM

We're also in the same boat, it's such a shame, because Awesomium is great in many ways, but this is so critical we may be forced to use a different product just to stop it freezing. thanks.

ayubm1986 gravatar image ayubm1986 Sep 26 '13 at 12:01 AM

guys be patient, they are working on it...I'm pretty sure they know it's critical.

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We are running into the same type of thing though instead of GDI objects we are seeing huge numbers of process handles being leaked when playing HTML5 videos. The videos play over and over and the page is never left sort of like a kiosk. It looks like roughly two leaked handled for each video that is played. We are seeing 84,000+ handles and 500MB+ memory attached to the awesomium process in some cases. This is extreme. It was mentioned that this was known bug and would likely be addressed in 1.7.2 but no such luck. We are also very eager to find a solution soon or abandon

answered Oct 01 '13 at 06:26 PM YITBOS90 gravatar image Mike Ford 0
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