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SetCookie sometimes does not set cookie


I have a problem with SetCookie that happens randomly, I am creating a new WebControl when my view (I am using MVVM) is loaded (code below)

 this._webControl = new WebControl
     Source = "about:blank".ToUri(), 
     WebSession = WebCore.CreateWebSession(
         new WebPreferences
             WebSecurity = false, 
             AllowInsecureContent = true, 
             Plugins = true, 
             SmoothScrolling = true, 
             EnableGPUAcceleration = true, 
             WebGL = true
 this._webControl.ViewType = WebViewType.Offscreen;
 var parentView = this._webControl.ParentView;
     "CookieName=" + this.Context.Identity.Token, 

 this._webControl.Source = source.ToUri();

Now this works for the most part, but periodically when I run this code the cookie does not get set and the page loaded by the application fails to load as a result. The application is a WPF application that handles user login and hands off the security token to the browser control in a cookie.

This issue is puzzling me and I am curious if anyone else has ever encountered this? Also I would like to know if there is a way to guarantee that a cookie has been set, or a way to read the cookies after setting them so I could ensure the cookie is there?

asked Jun 09, 2016 at 06:33 AM avatar image stevensn99 0
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