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Need some help with getting started, opening web pages and interacting with them

Dear All,

I have been using IE to open up a web page and then press some buttons and put some information inside and submit the page forms. This used to work in IE9, but unfortunately, the server has been updated to IE11 and IE11 does not seem to work like this any more and the operations that I used to be able to do can't be done any more.

So, I was told about Awesomium and the wonders that it is, but when I read about Awesomium, it does not seem to be what I thought that it would be, in that it is a tool for displaying web pages within other applications. I do not want to display any web pages. I just want to open a web page virtually, enter a value into an INPUT control and then press a button to get the underlying system to do what I ask it to.

However, when I read the information about this sort of programming, it seems quite opaque and I am not getting very far (i.e. I have an initial hump that I need to get over).

So, I am using C# and I need some example code for:

1) Open a web page (is this using the WebView control and then operating on that?) 2) Type into an INPUT TEXT control. 3) Press a SUBMIT button. 4) Close the page.

If anyone could point me to a suitable section of code, that would be great.

asked Jan 25 at 11:09 PM avatar image QuietLeni 0
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